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Why our prices are higher for custom glass cages

by Alejandro Lozano on 05/10/18

It's difficult to try to compete with other glass companies on the market, especially since they've been popping up left and right all over the place.  Even National Geographic has it's own brand of glass caging now, haha.  Well, we are not going to try to compete with these companies anymore.  They can have the general business, but they can't even come close to competing with what we provide.

     Emerald Exotics provides unique caging that you can not buy anywhere else.  Not only that, but you can have literally any dimension or size that you can afford built specifically for you!  None of the major companies can say or do that for you.  Our prices will be higher, but you get what you pay for.  Since when did Exo Terra ever offer to drill your cages for you?  Since when did they or any other major glass company offer one cage with several divisions?  With over 20 years experience in building glass enclosures, we are capable of building what you need for your animals, small or large, insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc.

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