What to look forward to in 2018 : Keepin Up With The Green
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What to look forward to in 2018

by Alejandro Lozano on 03/23/18

We have several projects that are very exciting!  Last year we were battling humidity issues in the Tokay Gecko room and faced some devastating losses of eggs.  That has since been corrected and 2018 has begun very nicely with Tokay production.  Here are the Tokay pairings for 2018:

Albino x Normal
Albino x Patternless
Het Albino x Patternless
Patternless x Patternless
Patternless x Normal
High Green x Patternless
High Green x High Green
High Blue x Normal
Calico x Leucistic
Normal x Normal

Should have good production from all of our other gecko species as well.  We have a dalmation leachianus line that hasn't produced yet, but the anticipation is killing us, haha.  

Our crested newts have already taken off and we have over 50 eggs developing.  Planning to have Marbled Newts and Kaiser's Newts produce as well.

With snakes we'll pair up Albino/Sunglow Red Tailed Boas, Albino/Caramel Western Diamondback Rattlers, Albino/Snow Western Hognose, hopefully green tree pythons and we have a few other species that we only have singles of that we need to purchase males.

The sulcatas are finally breeding age, we've grown them from babies and would be very grateful if they were to produce this year.  

The caiman still need another year before production is possible.

We'll for sure have several dart frog species going this year and still looking for Megophrys nastum pairs.

The roaches are doing incredibly well and we expect to add a few more species as well as a few more species of isopods.

All in all, these are just samplings of what we have going on, not to mention all of the cages and everything else that we're constantly building!   Stay tuned for more updates!

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