2017 in review : Keepin Up With The Green
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2017 in review

by Alejandro Lozano on 02/28/18

2017 was a very trying and difficult year for Emerald Exotics.  We came out with our new line of cages with hinged, downward opening doors and traveled in more than 30 states, ranging from Oregon to New York delivering hundreds of cages.  In order to compete with companies like Exo-Terra and ZooMed we priced our cages at extremely low prices.  Sales of cages went quite well, but unfortunately it hurt us very badly and we not only did not profit, but after crunching the numbers we were essentially giving away cages for free.  It was very demoralizing to do so much hard work and have nothing but financial problems to show for it.  These issues have forced a critical review of pricing and direction.

Pricing is going to change immensely, more than double in most cases.  Labor simply costs too much and it's not something that we can compromise on, especially after all of the stress and loss from 2017.  The best deals we can make will actually be with larger enclosures.
It's premature to state this, however it's most likely that our efforts will revert back to animal production mostly since the caging side hasn't provided everything that we needed from it.  This is not a bad direction, but we prefer to provide the enclosures for the animals rather than selling the animals.  Our collection is doing great though and is still fairly large with over 200 animals of more than 40 species.
2018 seems like it's going to be a wonderful year and has started well.  We are building an indoor reptile zoo in Manhattan, Kansas and have a lot of exciting projects coming up.  Stay tuned for updates! 

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