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Keepin Up With The Green

A lot to look forward to in 2019

by Alejandro Lozano on 01/14/19

We are still working out which shows we will be vending this year, but we will definitely be driving across the entire country again.  Oregon, New York, California, Texas, Florida to name a few of the states we will be in.  So, to avoid shipping we can also deliver for a small fee to almost any state as well, so long as the delivery is during the time that we will be driving to our destinations.

Another thing to look forward to is baby boas, tons of tokay geckos and baby green tree pythons.  As well as hundreds of custom glass cages!  Keep a look out for our posts and updates!

November 25th White Plains New York

by Alejandro Lozano on 10/28/18

We will be delivering cages to White Plains, New York on November 25th.  This means that we can deliver cages along the way.  Here are the states that we'll be driving through:

West Virginia
New Jersey
New York

There is a delivery fee.  Please message us for any further questions!

Tinley Park October 13-14

by Alejandro Lozano on 10/04/18

     We will be vending Tinley Park on October 13-14.  Our table will be shared with the very talented artist Emily Burke.  We will have just about everything available from our "Available Animals" section at the show.  Also, just to show what our future projects with Tokay Geckos will look like, we will be bringing at least 6 color morphs to the show!

     Unfortunately, we have not had time to build many enclosures, but still will make every effort to have a few examples of our Terrestrial Tarantula Larges and Arboreal Tarantula cages, the dimensions can be found on the "Custom Glass Caging" link.

     A special thank you goes to Leland Ward, who we are purchasing deli cup displays from at the show.  He is very talented and we highly recommend him for plastic enclosures and deli cup displays!

      It should be an incredible weekend and we're greatly looking forward to seeing everyone there!


by Alejandro Lozano on 06/28/18

When you keep large tortoises it's necessary to provide them with a lot of space.  The space can also be utilized to grow produce for them and your family.  Keeping animals should always be synonymous with keeping plants because they're truly symbiotic when kept properly.  We're constantly growing different delicious plants in our gardens and really looking forward to the summer growing season.  We're expecting zucchinis, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, romaine, kale, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and various others.  This is a great way to save a lot of money too, considering how much one big tortoise can eat!  

Anyone else love invertebrates?

by Alejandro Lozano on 05/25/18

If you don't know, we're passionate about photographing animals in the wild as well.  Well, every time we're out looking for reptiles it's impossible and inevitable not to find tons of invertebrates.  Well, this spring has been all about Salticidae for us!  A.K.A. jumping spiders!  There are literally thousands of species and it seems like every time we go herping we find at least four or five species.  This time of year is perfect for finding them with babies as well.  Not much cuter than a baby jumping spider!  We'll be posting photos of herping and spiders in our Field Expeditions section so please check it out!

Why our prices are higher for custom glass cages

by Alejandro Lozano on 05/10/18

It's difficult to try to compete with other glass companies on the market, especially since they've been popping up left and right all over the place.  Even National Geographic has it's own brand of glass caging now, haha.  Well, we are not going to try to compete with these companies anymore.  They can have the general business, but they can't even come close to competing with what we provide.

     Emerald Exotics provides unique caging that you can not buy anywhere else.  Not only that, but you can have literally any dimension or size that you can afford built specifically for you!  None of the major companies can say or do that for you.  Our prices will be higher, but you get what you pay for.  Since when did Exo Terra ever offer to drill your cages for you?  Since when did they or any other major glass company offer one cage with several divisions?  With over 20 years experience in building glass enclosures, we are capable of building what you need for your animals, small or large, insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc.

Omaha Reptile Expo April 29th, 2018

by Alejandro Lozano on 04/04/18

The Nebraska Reptile Breeders Expo is a biannual expo that we have been attending for many years.  Normally we attend various expos throughout the country every year, but this year has been very focused on our collection as well as the zoo project.  The Nebraska show is the first expo we'll be attending this year and we're looking forward to it!  If you're going to be attending the show take a look our availability list.  Also, we will have a lot of custom built glass enclosures and we can build whatever size and dimensions you may need.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

What to look forward to in 2018

by Alejandro Lozano on 03/23/18

We have several projects that are very exciting!  Last year we were battling humidity issues in the Tokay Gecko room and faced some devastating losses of eggs.  That has since been corrected and 2018 has begun very nicely with Tokay production.  Here are the Tokay pairings for 2018:

Albino x Normal
Albino x Patternless
Het Albino x Patternless
Patternless x Patternless
Patternless x Normal
High Green x Patternless
High Green x High Green
High Blue x Normal
Calico x Leucistic
Normal x Normal

Should have good production from all of our other gecko species as well.  We have a dalmation leachianus line that hasn't produced yet, but the anticipation is killing us, haha.  

Our crested newts have already taken off and we have over 50 eggs developing.  Planning to have Marbled Newts and Kaiser's Newts produce as well.

With snakes we'll pair up Albino/Sunglow Red Tailed Boas, Albino/Caramel Western Diamondback Rattlers, Albino/Snow Western Hognose, hopefully green tree pythons and we have a few other species that we only have singles of that we need to purchase males.

The sulcatas are finally breeding age, we've grown them from babies and would be very grateful if they were to produce this year.  

The caiman still need another year before production is possible.

We'll for sure have several dart frog species going this year and still looking for Megophrys nastum pairs.

The roaches are doing incredibly well and we expect to add a few more species as well as a few more species of isopods.

All in all, these are just samplings of what we have going on, not to mention all of the cages and everything else that we're constantly building!   Stay tuned for more updates!

2017 in review

by Alejandro Lozano on 02/28/18

2017 was a very trying and difficult year for Emerald Exotics.  We came out with our new line of cages with hinged, downward opening doors and traveled in more than 30 states, ranging from Oregon to New York delivering hundreds of cages.  In order to compete with companies like Exo-Terra and ZooMed we priced our cages at extremely low prices.  Sales of cages went quite well, but unfortunately it hurt us very badly and we not only did not profit, but after crunching the numbers we were essentially giving away cages for free.  It was very demoralizing to do so much hard work and have nothing but financial problems to show for it.  These issues have forced a critical review of pricing and direction.

Pricing is going to change immensely, more than double in most cases.  Labor simply costs too much and it's not something that we can compromise on, especially after all of the stress and loss from 2017.  The best deals we can make will actually be with larger enclosures.
It's premature to state this, however it's most likely that our efforts will revert back to animal production mostly since the caging side hasn't provided everything that we needed from it.  This is not a bad direction, but we prefer to provide the enclosures for the animals rather than selling the animals.  Our collection is doing great though and is still fairly large with over 200 animals of more than 40 species.
2018 seems like it's going to be a wonderful year and has started well.  We are building an indoor reptile zoo in Manhattan, Kansas and have a lot of exciting projects coming up.  Stay tuned for updates!